North of Nowhere
Just trying to escape the nothing.
let’s get it.
the fro’s back :)
Just one.
Mainly because I’m lazy.
But yeah .. tehe.
So despite our falling out, this here is back in my life. I’m rationing coconut oil like a savage right about now, and I’m kinda refusing to put Cantu in my hair unless I run out of actual shea butter.
That being said, I found this under my dresser (full. like, really full haha) and I decided to slap it on.
I’m sorry I kicked it to the curb. My hair feels so soft. Felt soft all day, styled easily .. smh at myself for being mean to such a product. It’s still going to end up being swapped out for something else however. Why? There’s a cone in it .. I’m kinda trying to stay away from cones. I won’t lie to you though, I haven’t noticed any unkindness to my hair from cones .. so who knows?
Okay, I’m done :) bye.