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Welp, my hair is burnt.

I got a Dominican blowout and slayed myself.

I now have the pleasure of transitioning all over again.

Yey -__-


Smells better. Holds better. SUCKS BETTER.
I’m going to finish these though. They won’t go to waste. 

The thing about Hollywood Beauty cholesterol deep conditioners, they do that work. That’s honestly all I have to say. Happy Cizz, happy me. I use it as a deep treatment, regular conditioner, leave-in conditioner, they play no games.

Why is this so important? Simply because I’ve been busting this ass of mine trying to find all these perfect conditioners. I had it made up in my mind that I absolutely had to have a daily conditioner, a deep conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, conditioner that works better when it’s warm out, conditioner that works better when it’s cold out, protein based conditioner, moisture based conditioner .. blah.

Welp, no more. I now have the pleasure of spending about $2 or less (for the bonus sizes, I might add), for lovely products that will perform whatever task I mix them to perform. It’s actually, the most amazing thing ever right now.

&OHYEAH: I’ve finally tried Miss Jessie’s baby buttercreme. I can safely say that I would never spend the money for it. I’ve been using it in different ways for a while and, I now see that Miss Jessie isn’t really all that much of a friend to me. Excellent hold though. That much, I must admit. (Thank you boo for the product swap <3)

Yep. Done here. 

I want to try this stuff so bad. I feel like Cizz would really like it.


Cizz and I are hanging out tonight. She needs a trim, bad. I need to wash her, bad. She needs to be detangled, now. 

Plus, I’m whipping shea butter. She knows she wants a piece of that action.

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