It’s almost as if I used to be something.

Not saying that I am nothing now; it just feels that way. I have never been the most positive of people. My glass is always half empty. Pessimistic. Introverted. It’s a dangerous combination I’ve come up with for myself.

I’m still searching for a job. I feel so useless. Day, after day, sitting here. I fill out application, after application, my only callbacks from the one place I do not want to return to: the restaurant.

I’m not all that sure what is worse, the feeling that I have nothing after Friday’s, or the strange realization that Friday’s had become my everything.

Kind of pathetic. I revolved my life entirely around a job that I fucking hated because of all the money I was making ..

I can’t even remember what my dreams were. Like .. what do I want to be when I grow up?

A fucking server?

What the fuck am I doing? I can’t even answer that question for myself.

I’ve just been having a little trouble holding it together. I don’t know where to start to get it back. 

Who knew things could get so discouraging? Not me. I had absolutely no idea how emotionally draining this all could be.





Get up out my trap house!!!

this is so beautiful

AfroPunk is life


I actually am in love with this.